Welcome to Bible Baptist Church! Statement of Faith.

Welcome to BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH. This church is one of many fine churches in the Scottsbluff area. We are a group of people that worship Almighty God and His son, Jesus Christ. Though we come from many different backgrounds, we hold these things in common.
We believe that the Bible is God's message to us in this day and age. We believe it is inspired by Him and therefore is without error. We teach its truths so that they may be both understood and practiced by Christians in their daily lives.
We identify ourselves with Christians all over the world who have held certain beliefs and practices for centuries. These include the Bible as our final authority for what we believe and how we live; the local church as being free from outside control whether it be denominational or governmental; the privilege and responsibility of each believer to approach God directly for himself or others without the need of a human priest; and that Believer's Baptism and The Lord's Supper are to be obediently followed as the Bible teaches, but that they are not necessary for salvation.
We are committed to the church as founded by the Lord Jesus Christ and His apostles. We are committed to Him and to each other. By membership we have placed ourselves under the authority and protection of this church. We are using our gifts and abilities to help each other become stronger Christians and to lead our friends and neighbors to a personal relationship with our Lord.
This church is a family. People here feel at home because others really care about them. We invite you to come and let this become your church as well.